Residential Bin Cleaning Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Bins are the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of germs and bugs, inevitably followed by unpleasant smells, dirt, grime and insects – maggots and flies being the most common companions of a neglected bin.

Did you know your bins are hundreds of thousands more contaminated with bacteria than your toilet? A swab of a loo seat would produce around 500 bacteria and a bin on a fortnightly collection would produce 240 million. Now, how often do you clean your loo and bin?

Regular cleaning of your bin removes the bacterial build up, decreases pest infestation, reduces the chance of cross contamination from the bin to your kitchen and food preparation area – leaving a clean & hygienic smelling bin.

Bin Bath, based in Banchory and providing a service for Aberdeenshire, offer a regular wheelie bin cleaning service once or twice a month – you can choose to have one, two or three bins and can add in your caddy to be cleaned- the choice is yours!

Once you’re signed up and have paid you’ll notice your bin(s) gets a Bin Bath sticker to identify it for cleaning and all new customers will receive a free gift*. You are now a braw Bin Bath buddy!

*Our free gifts and stickers are given to any of our package customers who purchase a Standard or Premium Solo Soak, Double Bubble or Thrice as Nice package, as well as those who purchase a Quick Dip package.