Commercial Bin Cleaning Aberdeen / Aberdeenshire

Bins are a major source of health and hygiene issues. No one wants the job of cleaning them but when your business involves customers on the premises the last thing you want is the chance of cross contamination from the bin to your customer or employee.

Waste Management, Health & Safety and Hygiene are major issues facing all kinds of businesses these days, particularly those involved within the following industries:

Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels

Shops and Offices

Local Councils


Leisure Centres

Facilities Management



Housing Associations

Fast Food Retailers

Flats and Apartments

Waste Management Co.

Our commercial wheelie bin cleaning service is available throughout the Aberdeenshire area and with our competitive prices it makes a desirable and affordable service to use.

Our professional on-site service uses our award-winning specialist self-contained equipment lifts and washes the bin to ensure no mess on your premises. Leaving behind your washed, disinfected and deodorised bin on the day of your waste collection.

We will tailor to suit your needs and can range from a weekly to a quarterly cleaning schedule, and are able to cleaning the 1100 litre four wheeled bins along with the 2 wheeled.

This service also provides valuable reassurance to your customers, workforce and environmental health service officials, that your establishment takes health, safety and hygiene issues seriously.

Contact Us for a commercial quote

For an accurate quote please provide as much information as possible including:

  • Address
  • Business Type
  • Types of bins on premises (two-wheeled / four-wheeled roll top / four-wheeled flip top)
  • Frequency of cleaning schedule for quote (weekly / twice a month / once a month / every two months)
  • Name of waste management company (if applicable)